Our Mission Statement


Promoting healthy families in the Pikes Peak Region by helping them to identify and meet their needs.


About Mission Possible


Mission Possible is a private nonprofit 501(c) 3 agency that is located in the Pikes Peak Region, currently serving youth and families in six counties throughout Colorado. Mission Possible is the Senate Bill 94 (SB94) provider for El Paso, Teller, Fremont, Custer, Park and Chafee Counties. Mission Possible prides itself in being a detention alternative program, specifically supporting families of youth involved in the juvenile justice system.


Mission Possible was founded in 2000 by Palmer W Johnson and became fully funded and operational in May, 2001. Since that time, Mission Possible has been providing a variety of services and programs. In 2000 Mission Possible responded to a Request for Proposal (RFP), at which time two proposals were submitted, one for case management and one for screening and assessment for El Paso and Teller Counties. Mission Possible was ranked #1 and #2 in the bidding process and was awarded contracts for both positions.


In 2002, Mission Possible's Executive Director, Palmer Johnson, was part of a committee that was exploring the issue of minority overrepresentation in the criminal justice system. There was a determination that minority youth (especially African American and Hispanic youth) were overrepresented in the general population. The outcome was that the 4th Judicial District would support programming that would address the issue. Mission Possible submitted an RFP to create and implement a Minority Advocate Program, where advocates would work specifically with minority youth and families involved in the juvenile judicial system. As a result, two Minority Family Advocate positions were created.


In 2007 Mission Possible, along several other agencies in the community in the 4th Judicial District, began an effort to implement High Fidelity Wraparound in the community. The 4th Judicial District SB94 Oversight and Planning Committee requested that Mission Possible take a lead in this effort and requested that we shift our traditional practice of case management to that of the Wraparound process. This shift required additional staff and the increased financial requirement to fund this effort was provided through SB94. Additionally, they funded consultation and coaching through Vroon Vandenberg, LLC, allowing Mission Possible staff to be adequately trained and certified. At this time, Mission Possible has four certified wraparound facilitators, and one Wraparound coach. Mission Possible continues to be in a leadership role in this community regarding Wraparound implementation.


The concept of Family Support Partner (FSP) is based on the belief that clients who have successfully graduated from the system, and specifically Wraparound, have valuable experience that can assist other families who are currently in the system. It should be noted that it is highly recommended that FSP's are paid employees and not volunteers. The concept of FSP's is an intricate part of the High Fidelity Wraparound process. Prior to June of 2008, there were no FSP's in the 4th Judicial District. Mission Possible was tasked by the SB94 oversight and planning committee to explore how this concept would work in this community. In August of 2008, Mission Possible's Executive Director, Palmer Johnson, and the SB94 coordinator, Sarah Sherwin conducted a site visit in Oklahoma City to observe how FSP's have been successfully implemented over the past seven years. Palmer and Sarah brought back valuable information and began dialogue with the SB94 program committee. In November 2008, the SB94 program committee made a recommendation to the oversight and planning committee that Mission Possible receive funding for two FSP's. It is not only significant that Mission Possible received funding for these two positions, but that this community has made a commitment to utilizing former clients to help current clients.


In June, 2012 Mission Possible continued its expansion after being selected as the top bidder to provide screening, assessment, tracking, and case management services for the 11th Judicial District. Mission Possible's initial proposal was to provide all SB94 services requested in the RFP for Fremont and Custer County, while only providing screening and assessment services for Park and Chafee Counties. Once Mission Possible's initial proposal was selected, members of the 11th Judicial District Oversight Committee requested full services for all four counties. With more information about the expectations and culture of Park and Chafee Counties, Mission Possible's Executive Director, Palmer Johnson, agreed to provide all requested SB94 services for all four areas. On July 1, 2012 Mission Possible began providing services for the 11th Judicial District. There are currently three case managers providing services for the 11th Judicial District. Mission Possible has two full time employees and one part time employee that provide case management, screening, assessment and tracking services.